Dekumbis Looking to Rebound in Year Two

Vinnie Dekumbis will return to Port Huron for the 2023-24 season the Prowlers announced Saturday. The Swiss forward played 13 games last year but finished the season on injured reserve. 

“It’s going to be great to have Vinnie here once again,” said Prowlers general manager Matt Graham. “Last year, his season was cut short by injury, right as he was finding his groove. I think with a full summer of preparation and the experience of last year, he will be a dominant force on both ends of the rink.”

Dekumbis joined the Prowlers for the second week of the season and was trusted with power play and penalty kill duties. He began to heat up offensively with points in four of his last five games, including two the game he was injured in on Dec. 2 in Carolina. 

Dekumbis made an attempt to return on Dec. 30 but took a hard hit in that game and did not return for the rest of the season. He was officially put on injured reserve in February. Overall, he finished with seven points in 13 games.

“Experiencing an injury and undergoing upper body surgery was one of the most challenging times in my hockey career,” Dekumbis said. “During those six months of healing, I deeply reflected, practiced patience, and felt a relentless drive to get back on the ice. Getting injured in December was tough. Missing games made me miss the fans and the team even more. But it's made me more determined to come back stronger. I believe challenges shape us, and this one has sharpened my determination. I can't wait to hit the ice again and demonstrate to everyone just how much dedication and effort I've put into my comeback. I truly feel there’s unfinished business for me in Port Huron, and I can’t wait to pick up where I left off, stronger and more focused than ever.”

Dekumbis and the Prowlers hit the ice on Oct. 20 against the Motor City Rockers and season ticket packages are still available! To become a season ticket member and get exclusive benefits, visit

Photo courtesy of Delta Imaging