Prowlers Lose Five in Expansion Draft

The 2024 FPHL expansion draft has concluded and the Port Huron Prowlers lost five players in the process.

G Oscar Wahlgren to Dashers Hockey

F Tristan Simm to Blue Ridge Bobcats

F Brandon Picard to Athens Rock Lobsters

F Vincent Dekumbis to Dashers Hockey

F Sam Marit to Dashers Hockey

The Prowlers retain the rights to every player currently on their roster that was not selected. That full list is below.


Daniel Chartrand, Austin Fetterly, Conor Foley, Evan Foley, Liam Freeborn, Matt Graham, Dalton Jay, Jeromey Rancourt, Tucker Scantlebury, Jake Vaughan


Ben Brockway, Braden Deck, Adam Heinzl, Alex Johnson, Mitch Jones, Brett Lockhart, Dominic Loubert, Chace McCardle, Bryan Parsons, Frank Schumacher


Makar Sokolov, Tucker Tynan, Ian Wallace

“Obviously anytime there is expansion it’s a positive for the league.,” said Prowlers general manager Matt Graham. “It’s tough for the individual teams, though, because we lose quality players that we have spent time recruiting and developing. This draft was especially tough for us because we were allowed to protect only 12 players and had to use two of those slots on Alex Johnson and myself. It’s a big loss to lose guys like Vinny [Dekumbis], [Tristan Simm] and Oscar [Wahlgran]. [Brandon] Picard spent most of last season in the SPHL so it was questionable whether we would get him back. [Sam] Marit is attending Canadian university so we were moving into next season without him. We were fortunate to retain the rights of the core group we focused on. Wish the guys we lost the best of luck with their new teams and we are excited to continue building with the group we have! This is an exciting time and we're ready to get back to work.”

The Prowlers’ 10th anniversary season begins in October and season tickets are available with early bird benefits until May 31st. Visit or email for more details.

Photo courtesy of Delta Imaging