After the expansion draft, the Prowlers have maintained the rights to the list of players below for the 2019-20 season!


#15 Matt Robertson

#16 Austin Daae

#51 Matt Graham

#92 Dalton Jay

#18 Artur Drindrozhik

#21 Matyas Kasek

#72 Zachary Zulkancyz

#19 Austin Fetterly

#71 Tom Kilgore

#89 Justin Portillo

#53 Jonathon Juliano


#13 Joe Pace

#25 Alex Johnson

#69 Paul Arnott

#4 Bryan Parsons

#67 Ryan Rotondi

#14 Matt Wurst


#35 Chris Paulin

#33 Cory Simons

The expansion draft that took place at the league meeting saw the Prowlers lose 4 players; Ozolins, Karpinski, Powell, and Carey. The details of which teams they went to will be released at a later date. "It's always hard losing quality players like that, but losing players is the reality of expansion in our league," Coach Joe Pace stated. "Those guys are all great players and people. They will do well for their new teams, and the Prowlers organization wishes them nothing but the best." 

The Prowlers maintain the rights to a solid core group of players and will look to build off of them to improve even more this upcoming season.

Photo Credit: Delta Imaging