1. How's your summer been and did you do anything memorable?

My summer has been amazing being able to spend time with my friends, family and do some traveling. The most memorable thing from this summer has to be going up north to Caseville, MI with my family for the 4th! We relaxed, watched fireworks and camped. 

2. How do you feel about coming back to the Prowlers for your third year? 

It's been a blessing since my first day in Port Huron, from the city, to the arena, to all the players I've been able to play with the past couple years. It's irreplaceable and I've made so many memories and can't wait for this year to get rolling! 

3. What's it like for you as a guy from Michigan playing in Port Huron?

It's remarkable playing in my home state  (not to mention only a hour away from where I was born and raised). I'm able to get great support from fans, friends and most importantly my family. I'm more than thankful for being able to have my grandparents come and watch me play the sport I love. 

4.  How do you plan to contribute to the team this upcoming season differently then you have the past 2 seasons?

Compared to past years I believe I'll be able to step into a bigger role for the team this season. As a rookie my first year only grabbing a couple dozen games and being a 10th forward to taking the leap last season and being on the first penalty kill unit and a stable third liner, now that I have experience and knowledge from two full seasons I'll be able to make a larger impact this season on both sides of the puck for my team.

5.  Any preparation you're making or different training methods you're using for this year than years past? 

 This summer I've given my body time to relax and bounce back from last season, where in the past I took off running with training immediately. Now that it's crunch time I'm doing two-a-days in the gym and on the ice. I have started skill sessions this summer with some pro and college players from the area and it should be a big difference maker going into camp this year.

6. What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season? What are your team and individual goals? 

I'm looking forward to getting back on the ice in a Prowlers jersey and making playoffs and going for a championship run. After last years disappointing end, I know we are all hungry for another championship in Port Huron! I personally would like to have a career year while playing well on both sides of the puck but most importantly sizing up my ring finger at the end of the season!